Sunday, May 5, 2013

How To Register Your Copy With Me

Respected readers,

I am not sold my book directly or indirectly
You may buy it from any on-line or physical book store in your territory.
In starting of this blog I start registered copy of my books for maintain a record of my followers but now I hear that If I registered copies of my book then I am also liable for any mistake of book seller like Amazon, Flipkart, BookAdda etc So I close all new registration and now  I do not registered by books buyer data with me.
If you have any question about stocks  or about my book then please mail your question to me at
I try my best to reply your question but due to lot of e mails It is not possible to reply all of e mails and I do not give my contact number to my blog follower's because I have lot of work and unable to talk with all of my followers word-wide, so please try to understand my situation and do not force to me to give my mobile number.
Mahesh Kaushik

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