Saturday, November 21, 2015

Past Performance of Mahesh Kaushik Fundamental Stock Recommendations Part 1.

Respeted Readers,

I Mahesh Chander Kaushik is a NiSM Certified and SEBI registered research analyst of stocks.
This article is a progress card of my past stock recommendations If you read carefully then you may able to understand that:-
1. What happen if you invest my style? Yes I have a unique style of stock market investing which I described in my book “ The Winning Theory in Stock Market “ so if you not read this book yet then please first read it here
2. If you do not want to read this book then no problem I tell you basic point of my investing style
a. Invest only 5000 in a single stock at a time and increase basic investment amount 7.5% every year.
b. Hold a stock at least for 1 year and after 1 year if stock traded 15%+ profit then book profit and rotates money.
c. Buy only dividend paying stocks because If my stock not give 15%+ profit then I enjoy dividends in my holding period.
d. Not use stop loss in long term trade and never book loss in whole life (maximum loss is caped INR 5000 because I do not invest more than 5000 in a single stock).
e. In this report I use only fundamental sound stock recommendations which full fill all of my stock choosing criteria’s and publish at my home page
Stock recommended in are not full fill all of my stock choosing criteria’s and little bit risky so these penny stock performance not included in this report, for penny stock performance read this report
Ok Now start your eye opening journey with me.

1. First of all at 17 March 2013 I publish stock tip about BLB Ltd on my website at this link

So as my rule if you start your stock market investing with me then you may invest your first 5000 rupees in BLB Ltd on 18 March 2013, 

For understanding my whole performance we assume a notional or fictional person name “ Chandu” who invest in my recommendations as my theory so in next part of this article we evolutes this “Chandu” buying and selling.

So Chandu buy 1672 share of BLB Ltd @ 2.99 Per share Chandu Total investment is  1672*2.99=5000.28 in round off 5000 and he pay INR 50 as brokerages.
Now his total investment is 5050.
His portfolio BLB Ltd 1672 Stocks.

( Explanation:- Why I use price 2.99 whereas I publish price 3.04 on my recommendation ? here publication date of my article is 17 March 2013 which was a Sunday and I use Friday closing price 3.04 but when market open on 18 march 2013 then BLB open at 2.98 and touch maximum level 2.99)

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