Sunday, January 4, 2015

Correction in Reverse Trading Chpter of My Book

Respected readers,

 I find that in reverse trading chapter of my book I have a calculation mistake in my price target, so in next edition of my book this mistake will be edited as price target of 444 instead of 184 .
 After this correction read my book chapter 10 as 
1. First buying of Punj Lloyd 10 share @560 total investment 5600 
2. Reverse sell @ 256 total loss 3040 but get 2560 rupees back. 
3. Again buy 10 share @ 56 total investment 560 so I get 2000 rupee case back in this trading it will minimize my earlier purchasing cost from 5600 to 5600-2000=3600 only. 
4. Now my holding cost is 5600-2000=3600 
5. My price target is 444 so if I get it then it will give me 444*10=4440 so I get 4440-3600=840 rupee as my 15 % profit. 
Including the both trading we  got INR 6440 back( 2560+4440) from the initial amount we started 5600 and profit is 840 which is 15 % of 5600 Ok I am still hold these 10 share because Punj lloyed still traded below my target price  444 .
So in my next edition chapter 10 will be edited 
Thanks and regards. 
Mahesh Kaushik

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