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Past Performance of Mahesh Kaushik Fundamental Stock Recommendations Part 4.

This is the 4 th part of this series so if you are a new reader then please read this story from first part.
Here is the link of 1 st part of this story:-

Now I think you understand well that how to set up a decent stock market business ( shop of stocks) with my recommendations.

I describe this shopkeeper approach in chapter 1 of my book.

On 02 June 2013 (Sunday):-
I publish an article to buy Guj Sidhee Ltd @23 read this past recommendation here:-

So Chandu buy 218 Share of guj sidhee ltd @23 on 03 June 2013  and pay 5014+50 brokerage total 5064.

So as on 03.06.13 Chandu portfolio plus balance sheet of stock market business is:-
1. BLB Ltd 1672 Share Buying price 2.99 ( Investment with brokerage 5050)
LTP on 03.06.13 is 3.10 Unrealized profit 183.92
2. Manali Petro Ltd 554 share buying price 9.02 ( Investment with brokerage 5047)
LTP on 03.06.13 is 8.24 Unrealized loss 432.12
3.National plastic ltd 571 share buying price 8.75 ( Investment with brokerage 5046)
LTP on 03.06.13 is 8.26 Unrealized loss 137.04 
4.Vinyl Chemical Ltd 524 share buying price 9.55 (  Investment with brokerage 5054)
LTP on 03.06.13 is 11.20 Unrealized profit 864.60
5. Guj Sidhee Cement 218 Share buying price 23 (Investment with brokerage 5064)
LTP on 03.06.13 is 23.35 Unrealized profit 76.30
Total investment from 17 March 2013 to 03 June 2013 ;- 25261
Net Unrealized Profit/Loss from 17 March 2013 to 03 June 2013 ;- 555.66 
( For easy calculation here I do not consider brokerage for calculate unrealized profit/loss but when Chandu realized his profit booking then I discount brokerage from profits)
So what you learn from Chandu last 4 months stock market journey?
1. He do not realized his small short term profits, because he is a long term investor and hold a stock for minimum one year period because one year is enough time to see real performance and after one year profits are tax free.
2. His buying in Manali petro is in 8-9% loss but he do not worried about it and not use stop loss to book loss  because he understand if year high/ low ratio is not cross 2 in downside then no more risk is there( Read reverse trading system chapter in my book).
3. He do not put all of his savings or money in stock market, he invest INR 25000 only and invest this amount gradually in last 4 months.
4. From his small capital of INR 25000 he is a stock holder of 5 companies and proud that he hold shares of 5 companies.  

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