Monday, February 22, 2016

Past Performance of Mahesh Kaushik Fundamental Stock Recommendations Part 8

Respected readers, 

Thank you for your patience,  faith and love.
Now we continue with part 8 of this chandu journey new readers please start it from part 1, here is the link of part 1:- 
When Chandu and Chinki finished his dinner then Chinki say " Chandu I have a doubt about mahesh kaushik research analyst if you do not angry then I ask my question about this doubt?
Chandu say " Do not worry chinki I have complete faith on his method of investing so ask your question and if I am unable to resolve this doubt then we ask it directly from mahesh kaushik using his blog comments.
Chinki say " Thank you chandu, I visit mahesh kaushik blog and found mahesh kaushik recommended Vijaya bank @46.45 and Bank of Maharastra @32.35 and when I compare these stock current price then I find that investor of these stock loss their money and not make any profit since last one year of holding and most of analysts on TV channels say " Avoid bank stocks..... book your loss in bank stocks...NPA of banks are continue up so book loss and invest in performing sectors etc.

Chandu laughed and order 2 ice-cream cones for time pass between this hot discussion.

Chandu start explain about banking sector" Chinki when an analyst told anything on TV then we have no record about his recommendation but all of mahesh kaushik recommendations are live on web since 2009.
So chinki I give you a link of his blog when SKS micro-finance traded @ 1400 ( in 2010) then many analyst give a target of 2000 for sks microfinanace only mahesh kaushik give a target of below 200 for SKS Micro-finance and you find that in 2012 this stock touched price of 54 instead of 2000 read this earlier article of 2010  here:-
So after this article I understand that one day market give real valuation for any stock on basis of net sale per share, base price and book value etc. 
Chinki have no word to argue about this.
Now Chandu start explain about banking sector" Chinki in the same time (2010) when Union bank traded @425 then he calculate net sale per share book value and base price etc then say "Best price of union bank is below 180" and now union bank is traded @115 only , at this time Vijaya bank traded @ 115 and bank of maharastra traded @ 84 see this past 2010 short view here:-
Chinki say " Oh now I understand."
Chandu say " Finally chinki I give you one more link  where you find How mahesh kaushik warn in 2011 about current situation of banking stocks:-
and now when many analysts recommended to sale banks he think bank stocks are traded on fair and cheap valuation so I do not worry and enjoy my dividends in banking stocks in my holding period and one day I defiantly book decent profits in Vijaya bank and Bank of Mah.


  1. Dear sir,simple and effective article. Thank you so much

  2. Going with your suggestions.... hoping for a better tomorrow.
    Thanks for your noble work.. and helping people like us

    1. Prasenjit ji, Namaskar, It will surely benefit in long term, regards

  3. Sir, BSE site not providing some data. How to calculate net share price

    1. Nandu ji please watch my youtube video about net sale per share calculation, regards

  4. great sir.... ur confidence boosts us sir in this otherwise falling market...

  5. Sir what is ur opinion on brokerage companies?? Which one is best? For penny stocks and including all aspects..


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