Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chandu 3rd Profit Booking 265.71% in National Plastic ( Part 10 of Chandu Story)

Respected Readers,

This is the report card of my past stock recommendations, If you are a new reader and visit first time on this blog/ story then please start to read it from part 1, I give you link of part 1 :-
Now I tell about profit booking in my third recommendation of " National Plastic Ltd"

Stock Name:-National Plastic Ltd
Recommended on:-28.04.2013
Price on 28.04.2013:- @8.75 ( Read this past recommendation here:-National Plastic Ltd @8.75)

On 18 Sept 2013 national plastic is traded at 11.39 means chandu is in  30.17 % Profit but chandu not book is profits below 1 year because he want Income tax free profits So chandu do not book his profits at 18 Sept 2013

After 1 year of my recommendation at 28.04.2014 Stock traded on 8.75 means after 1 year of holding Chandu get nothing but chandu is my strict follower he knew my fundamental target price theory which you already read in earlier part of this story, If not then read it here:-
and in national plastic case net revenue per share=65.82 ( as on 2013)
Base Price=16.22 (as on 28.04.2013)
Book Value=24.60 (March 2013)
Chandu calculate fundamental target price=(65.82+16.22+24.60)/3= 35.54-3.55=31.99
So Chandu sell National Plastic @32 on 16.07.2015 and get 265.71% Profits in holding of 2 .25 year.
Will you have enough patience like Chandu to wait 2.25 year for a multiple profit? 
In these 2.25 year Chandu never mail to me like you " Hello Mahesh Namaskar I buy your stock recommendation 7 day ago and worry to see that stock still not achieve his fundamental target" ( I get many e mails  like this)
Unfortunately National plastic ltd not give any dividend in 2013,2014 and give 1 rupee per share dividend at 18 Sept 2015 ( Before this record date chandu sell his stocks).
Some other interesting points:-
National plastic still traded @ 50
National plastic touch 77.50 at 13.01.2016 but I not tell you fake story that Chandu sell his stocks @ 77.50 and get 786% Profits...
I want to tell you power of patience and faith and power of fundamental target price in long term.
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