Saturday, November 3, 2018

Data Bank of 4000+ Listed Indian Companies Nov 2018 ( Indian Stock Market Data Bank PE, EPS, BOOK VALUE ETC) Excel Sheet

Respected Readers,
Today I Provide you my updated data bank of Nov 2018.
In this databank, you can download all the data in the Excel Sheet.
You can find EPS, PE, Net Sale Per Share, Book Value, Promoters Holding, 52 Week High/ Low, ROE of Indian stocks in this Excel Sheet.
Data Bank of Indian Stocks In Excel Sheet Mahesh Kaushik Nov 2018

From the help of this databank and my research rules, you can find any good stocks for investment in my research style.
So Simply Download this Excel Sheet and Read my Research Rule and find your stock for investment. 
However, I want my follower will be self-depended.
Do not worry after publishing this data bank my next step is updated my blog with fresh recommendations.
So If you find difficult to locate a stock by yourself then do not worry I will update new stock recommendation soon
Thank you for your love and faith.
Link of  Excel Sheet Data Bank:-
Data Bank Mahesh Kaushik Nov 2018
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Research Rules of Mahesh Kaushik
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Mahesh Kaushik
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