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Sunday, January 15, 2017

My 2nd Book: How Chandu Earned And Chinki Lost In The Stock Market

Respected Readers,
Finally your wait is over. 
I complete my second book "How Chandu Earned And Chinki Lost In The Stock Market" and this book is now available in ebook format. 
Kindle unlimited subscriber read it free of charge, other need to pay INR 272.
Link of Book From Amazon India Site:- 
Buy now from this link:-
Details of Book:- Chandu & Chinki are notional characters to understand my single stock trading formula practically. This story teaches that “How in 2005 they both invested INR 1-1 Lac in same stock (Arvind Mills) and Chinki lost his 236790 rupees but Chandu makes 242007 rupees. How is it possible? 
This book will change your whole strategy of investing in stock market. 
Actually, I want to tell my secret sharegenius formula for trading cum long term investment. 
After reading this book you get replies of these questions:- How to trading in a single stock? or How to accumulate a fancy stock? 
I develop this formula in 10 years of hard work and research on stock data. So this book is written in fiction style where I told that how my notional character Chandu earn and Chinki loss from investment in same stock. 
After reading this book:- 
1. You may able to learn how to make huge profits in positional trade and make money through single stock trading. 
2. You automatically understood when to buy or when to sell a stock. “ Yes, I invent a formula which automatically tells us that when we buy a stock and when we sell a stock. So after ten years hard work on stock data I invent this formula.” 
3. You may able to learn how to accumulate a large quantity of your fancy stock without any risk of money losing. 
4. You may able to make money when a stock rise more and more and always quit early with a minimum loss when a stock start big downfall. 
5. You may able to learn how your portfolio will always be in profit. I use the example of Arvind Limited to teaching this formula, but you can apply this formula to any stock. 
This book contains my formula of fancy stock accumulating, and I told this formula in an interesting manner of Chandu and Chinki story. I am sure that this book will change your mindset and you will surely make money through formula given in this book. 
Why Only E Book Available in India:- Amazon KDP publish my book, Currently KDP Paperback is available only in USA, UK, ITALY, JAPAN, SPAIN etc. 
When KDP Paperback available at amazon India you get it in paperback edition but in my view eBook is most convenient and low price method for a book because you read my ebook free in kindle unlimited or need to pay INR 272 only if you want to buy it
How to read my book on smartphone or ipad:- You can download Kindle app through Google Play store or Apple Store and read through this app. 
How to read direct in browser like google chrome, internet explorer:- Set up Kindle Cloud Reader and read it direct on browser. 
Link for cloud reader:-
How to read on desktop:- If you do not have Kindle or Smartphone and not wanted to read it online then Download this app for Window and read it offline on your desktop:- Link of Desktop App 
Price:- I am not write this book for royalty because stock market is a sufficient earning source for me.
So price is "Free" if you subscribe Kindle unlimited or Pay only INR 272 if you want to buy this ebook on your kindle app
Buy from this link:-
Language:- Currently this book is available only in English but If you able to understand this article then you also understand my book because I am also complete my education in Hindi medium and my English is plain English.
Caution:- This book teaches stock market and not for English grammar, If you feel uneasy with my English then please do not buy my book because complete my education in Hindi medium and my English is plain English .
New Followers First Read these articles:-New follower first read these Chandu and Chinki articles then decide they want to buy my book or not?
Buy Now or Read Free With Kindle Unlimited :-
Download Sample:- Amazon also allow download sample, So before final buy first download sample if you satisfied then buy it.
Mahesh Kaushik

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