Monday, June 19, 2017

My 3rd Book "Top 100 Diversified Undervalued Indian Stocks For FY 2017-2018"

Respected Readers,
Finally, your wait is over. 
I complete my 3rd book "Top 100 Diversified Undervalued Indian Stocks For FY 2017-2018" and this book is available in ebook format from tonight 12.00 AM onwards. 
Kindle Unlimited subscriber read it free of charge, other need to pay INR 199.
Link of Book From Amazon India Site:- 
Buy now from this link:-
(Available from 20.06.2017)
Details of Book: - “With the help of this book, you will be able to find India top 100 undervalued blue chip stocks from 500 largest market cap companies ”
Simply add these stocks in your portfolio and make a diversified large cap portfolio for long term view.
In this book, I choose top 100 undervalued Indian stocks for FY 2017-18. 
In next financial year, I will change edition of this book with top 100 undervalued Indian stocks for FY 2018-19.
When you read this book, you understand that only five to ten companies change their position in a year so every year you need to change only a few stocks from your portfolio.
So this book is helpful for those followers who have no time to research and no time to track market price of their stocks they just wanted to invest their money in blue chip stocks and their investment horizon for 5-20 years.
With the help of this book, you simply start making your portfolio with these top 100 blue chip companies, no need to check day by day price movement check once in a financial year and replace only a few companies with new entries in my sharegenius Top 100 index.
When Paperback Book Available: - If followers demand then I consider to publish the paperback edition with otherwise currently no plan to publish the paperback.If you want the print book then, please tell your demand in the comment box. 
How to read my book on smartphone or iPad: - You can download Kindle app through Google Play Store or Apple Store and read through this app. 
How to read directly in the browser like google chrome, internet explorer: - Set up Kindle Cloud Reader and read it directly on the browser. 
Link for cloud reader:-
How to read on desktop: - If you do not have Kindle or Smartphone and not wanted to read it online then Download this app for Window and read it offline on your desktop: - Link of Desktop App 
Price: - I am not writing this book for royalty because the stock market is a sufficient earning source for me.
So price is "Free" if you subscribe Kindle Unlimited or Pay only INR 199 if you want to buy this ebook on your Kindle app
Buy from this link:- (Available from 20.06.2017)
Language: - Currently this book is available only in English but If you able to understand this article then you also understand my book because I am also complete my education in Hindi medium and my English is plain English.
New Followers First Download Sample: - Amazon also allows download sample, So before final buy first download the sample if you satisfied then buy it.
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(Available from 20.06.2017)

Mahesh Kaushik

Saturday, May 20, 2017

How to get Data Bank of 3700+ listed companies ( Free) Updated 20 May 2017

Respected Readers,
I am Happy to announce this free gift for my blog readers.
Detail of Gift:- Free data bank of 3700+ listed companies on BSE , in this data bank you get the latest data of CMP, Face Value, Book value, Net sale per share of last year, Year high/low ratio, Shareholding, pledged share, etc., click on picture to see how this data bank look like.

All of these, you get in an excel sheet.

On Demand of my blog followers,  I give data bank of stock in an alphabetical manner.
How to get this databank:- 
 You can download this data bank from these links:-

Data Bank of Indian Companies Last Updated 20 May 2017

Data Bank of Indian Companies Last Updated 11 FEB 2017

It is recommended that every of my follower must be read my two books for the more profound understanding of my theory.
You can buy my book paperback edition or buy an e-book of Kindle.
I am the author of the book and not sold my book directly.
If you do not buy yet then buy it from Amazon from these links: - (Click on the book name to read more details)

1.How Chandu Earned And Chinki Lost In The Stock Market

2.The Winning Theory in Stock Market

Hindi Translations of above 2 books available after 1 June 2017 (Prabhat Prakashan take responsibility to edit, translate and publish above 2 books, Editing and translation work is in under progress)
You can also download my free sharegenius app from google play app here:-
Download my IOS app from Apple App Store from this link:-

Read past performance of Mahesh Kaushik blog here:-

Disclaimer: - Please remember I collect all data of this data bank by my own credible source and these data like stock price year high-low net sale etc. subject to change regularly.
 So It is possible some data are not correct or may be modified when you download this sheet so please always confirm data from stock exchange website or company website, No liability is accepted for this purpose.
Mahesh Kaushik 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My 2nd Book: How Chandu Earned And Chinki Lost In The Stock Market

Respected Readers,
Finally your wait is over. 
I complete my second book "How Chandu Earned And Chinki Lost In The Stock Market" and this book is now available in ebook format. 
Kindle unlimited subscriber read it free of charge, other need to pay INR 272.
Link of Book From Amazon India Site:- 
Buy now from this link:-
Details of Book:- Chandu & Chinki are notional characters to understand my single stock trading formula practically. This story teaches that “How in 2005 they both invested INR 1-1 Lac in same stock (Arvind Mills) and Chinki lost his 236790 rupees but Chandu makes 242007 rupees. How is it possible? 
This book will change your whole strategy of investing in stock market. 
Actually, I want to tell my secret sharegenius formula for trading cum long term investment. 
After reading this book you get replies of these questions:- How to trading in a single stock? or How to accumulate a fancy stock? 
I develop this formula in 10 years of hard work and research on stock data. So this book is written in fiction style where I told that how my notional character Chandu earn and Chinki loss from investment in same stock. 
After reading this book:- 
1. You may able to learn how to make huge profits in positional trade and make money through single stock trading. 
2. You automatically understood when to buy or when to sell a stock. “ Yes, I invent a formula which automatically tells us that when we buy a stock and when we sell a stock. So after ten years hard work on stock data I invent this formula.” 
3. You may able to learn how to accumulate a large quantity of your fancy stock without any risk of money losing. 
4. You may able to make money when a stock rise more and more and always quit early with a minimum loss when a stock start big downfall. 
5. You may able to learn how your portfolio will always be in profit. I use the example of Arvind Limited to teaching this formula, but you can apply this formula to any stock. 
This book contains my formula of fancy stock accumulating, and I told this formula in an interesting manner of Chandu and Chinki story. I am sure that this book will change your mindset and you will surely make money through formula given in this book. 
Why Only E Book Available in India:- Amazon KDP publish my book, Currently KDP Paperback is available only in USA, UK, ITALY, JAPAN, SPAIN etc. 
When KDP Paperback available at amazon India you get it in paperback edition but in my view eBook is most convenient and low price method for a book because you read my ebook free in kindle unlimited or need to pay INR 272 only if you want to buy it
How to read my book on smartphone or ipad:- You can download Kindle app through Google Play store or Apple Store and read through this app. 
How to read direct in browser like google chrome, internet explorer:- Set up Kindle Cloud Reader and read it direct on browser. 
Link for cloud reader:-
How to read on desktop:- If you do not have Kindle or Smartphone and not wanted to read it online then Download this app for Window and read it offline on your desktop:- Link of Desktop App 
Price:- I am not write this book for royalty because stock market is a sufficient earning source for me.
So price is "Free" if you subscribe Kindle unlimited or Pay only INR 272 if you want to buy this ebook on your kindle app
Buy from this link:-
Language:- Currently this book is available only in English but If you able to understand this article then you also understand my book because I am also complete my education in Hindi medium and my English is plain English.
Caution:- This book teaches stock market and not for English grammar, If you feel uneasy with my English then please do not buy my book because complete my education in Hindi medium and my English is plain English .
New Followers First Read these articles:-New follower first read these Chandu and Chinki articles then decide they want to buy my book or not?
Buy Now or Read Free With Kindle Unlimited :-
Download Sample:- Amazon also allow download sample, So before final buy first download sample if you satisfied then buy it.
Mahesh Kaushik

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chandu 5th Profit Booking 23.26 % in Guj Sidhee Cement (Part 12 of Chandu Story)

Respected Readers,

This part is part 12 of Chandu story. New readers, please start it from part 1 here is the link for part 1 for new followers:-
In earlier parts of this story we see how Chandu earn decent profits in my previous four recommendations:- (Click on the link for more details)
Now you see my next  5th recommendation "Guj Sidhee Cement @ 23" which published on this blog on 02 June 2013, Read it here:-
As per my rule Chandu invests INR 5000 in Guj Sidhee Cement and buy 217 stocks of Guj Sidhee Cement, and he got 1/- per share dividend on 17.07.2013 (INR 217 as Dividend) after my recommendation this stock down 50% within two months and touch @12 on 31.07.2016
Why this stock down 50% after my recommendation: - In 2013 I am not a qualified research analyst. I am also a small investor like you and make same mistakes which you make.
 I publish this recommendation without considering base price because I am greedy at that time, and I think that due to capital reduction this stock may give decent returns in short period ( read details in this link of Guj Sidhee Cement.)
Ok, So Chandu stock is down near 50%, but he was a strict follower of me and do not email or comment under my post like this:-
"Hi, Mr. Kaushik can I book my loss in Guj Sidhee Cement? because in this stock I lost my money withing one month and there is no movement so what to do now?"
These days I get this type of emails and comments for my Pratibha Industries recommendation:-
Download last three-year price of Guj Sidhee Cement here:-
This is the reason that why I do not invest more than 10% of monthly income in a single stock ( Chandu average monthly income is INR 50,000, so he invests INR 5000 in a single stock and increases 7.5% basic investment amount every year, read my book for details).
So Chandu enjoys his dividend of 1/- per share and holds Guj Sidhee Cement for one year because he wants the income tax free return.
After 1 Year :- On 3July 2014 Chandu see market price of Guj Sidhee Cement, It was 28.35, So Chandu was situated at 23.26% profits, Chandu booked this profit immediately because Chandu already sees 50% notional loss in this stock and not want to hold it for more time.
Honesty Comment: - If you download above last 3-year price history then you may see that Guj Sidhee touch 46.40 on 26 Aug 2014.
And I do not tell here that Chandu books his 100% profit in Guj Sidhee from 23 to 46.
Because honesty is the best policy and I knew that I have no logic to say why Chandu holds it after 23.26% profit on one-year holding, because this recommendation not gives on base price theory, net sale per share theory and book value basis.
My Recent Update:-
Next Part of this story will be published after 30 Days
If you understand Hindi then It is interesting to know that I have another Chandu story on Indian History Subject, Read it here: -Chandu Journey of Indian History

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why Chandu Still Hold Vinyl Chemicals After 586% Profits? ( Part 11 of Chandu Story)

This part is part 11 of my popular Chandu story.
This story can teach my full theory of stock market.
New reader, please start it from part 1
Link to part 1 is:-
I recommended Vinyl Chemicals on 19.05.2013 @ 9  per share
Read this earlier article here:-
That time the base price of "Vinyl Chemicals" was 11.58, Net sale per share 115.32, and Book value was 22.82.
If you read my earlier articles or read my book, then you knew " How to calculate the fundamental target price of any stock?"
So fundamental target price of Vinyl Chemicals was
(Base price 11.58+ book value 22.82+ net sale per share 115.32)/3
Final correction 10% (Read my book for detail)
So 44.91 was fundamental target price of vinyl chemicals 
Now see price history of vinyl chemicals after my recommendation:-
You find that in above article of vinyl chemicals I give a short term target 11+ which this stock achieved within eight days and traded @ 12.35 on 28 May 2016
But If you read my Chandu story from starting then you may know that Chandu does not sell his stocks below one year and after one year he will track target price with trailing stop loss watch this youtube video for more profound understanding of trailing stop loss:-

So if you download above excel sheet of vinyl chemical price list and carefully observe column O P and E, then you may understand that vinyl chemical was not hit his trailing stop loss yet so Chandu hold it since last three years.
CMP of Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd is 61.75 so Chandu is on 586% profits but due to my trailing stop loss strategy for stock in profits ( Which you watch in above youtube video) Chandu still holds this share and get three tax-free dividends during his last three-year holding.
Read part 3 of this story again where Chandu buy 524 shares of vinyl chemicals:-
So as per this past dividend history:-
EX DatePurpose
14/08/2015Dividend 1.50
08/09/2014Dividend 1.00
10/07/2013Dividend 0.80

Chandu gets 0.80+ 1.00+1.50= total 3.30 rupees per share dividends during last three years means Chandu earn 524*3.30=1729.20 tax-free dividend income on his initial investment of 5054 and market value of his investment is 524*61.75=32357.
This year Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd also declare 1.50 rupee per share dividend read this news here:-
So on the record date, Chandu will get 524*1.5=INR 786 as the dividend.
Chandu euphoric to see this holy figure 786 and Chandu plan to spend this dividend income for buying a saree for Chinki So Chandu already order a saree for Chinki from Amazon.
Here is the Amazon link where Chandu order a saree for Chinki:-

So Chandu total dividend income is 1729.20+786=2515.20
I think this story can teach you about selling strategy of stocks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chandu 3rd Profit Booking 265.71% in National Plastic ( Part 10 of Chandu Story)

Respected Readers,

This is the report card of my past stock recommendations, If you are a new reader and visit first time on this blog/ story then please start to read it from part 1, I give you link of part 1 :-
Now I tell about profit booking in my third recommendation of " National Plastic Ltd"

Stock Name:-National Plastic Ltd
Recommended on:-28.04.2013
Price on 28.04.2013:- @8.75 ( Read this past recommendation here:-National Plastic Ltd @8.75)

On 18 Sept 2013 national plastic is traded at 11.39 means chandu is in  30.17 % Profit but chandu not book is profits below 1 year because he want Income tax free profits So chandu do not book his profits at 18 Sept 2013

After 1 year of my recommendation at 28.04.2014 Stock traded on 8.75 means after 1 year of holding Chandu get nothing but chandu is my strict follower he knew my fundamental target price theory which you already read in earlier part of this story, If not then read it here:-
and in national plastic case net revenue per share=65.82 ( as on 2013)
Base Price=16.22 (as on 28.04.2013)
Book Value=24.60 (March 2013)
Chandu calculate fundamental target price=(65.82+16.22+24.60)/3= 35.54-3.55=31.99
So Chandu sell National Plastic @32 on 16.07.2015 and get 265.71% Profits in holding of 2 .25 year.
Will you have enough patience like Chandu to wait 2.25 year for a multiple profit? 
In these 2.25 year Chandu never mail to me like you " Hello Mahesh Namaskar I buy your stock recommendation 7 day ago and worry to see that stock still not achieve his fundamental target" ( I get many e mails  like this)
Unfortunately National plastic ltd not give any dividend in 2013,2014 and give 1 rupee per share dividend at 18 Sept 2015 ( Before this record date chandu sell his stocks).
Some other interesting points:-
National plastic still traded @ 50
National plastic touch 77.50 at 13.01.2016 but I not tell you fake story that Chandu sell his stocks @ 77.50 and get 786% Profits...
I want to tell you power of patience and faith and power of fundamental target price in long term.
Important Update:- I participate in "CNBC Awaaz Pro Advisory Championship" as per this championship rule  from 21 April 2016 I make Short term positional calls  with target and stop loss (during market time on pro advisory championship website) here:-
So If you want to follow these short term positional calls then please registered yourself with above link.
From 17 April 2016 I am also provide short term positional calls ( 1 to 3 months view) with target and stop loss on my sharegenius blog So after 17 April 2016 traders may visit my sharegenius blog for these positional calls. 
Here is the link of this blog:-

I Think you already understand that due to lot of followers and lot of e mails publishing  stock questions reply on sharegenius blog is stopped and basic theme of shargenius blog is changed from stock question and answer to short term (1-3 months) Positional calls.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chandu Get 111.74% Profits in Manali petro ( Part 9 of Chandu Story)

In my earlier article I describe about selling strategy in a stock  and tell how Chandu book 63.26 % Profit in BLB Ltd. ( Chandu is a notional follower of me)
Read all part of Chandu story from this part 1 here:-
Read details of earlier 63.26% profit here:-
Now I describe 2nd profit booking of Chandu:-

Fundamental target price of a stock:-In BLB ltd story I think calculation of selling strategy is little hard for small investors and for those who unable to track stock price every day (like me because I hold many stocks and I am so busy in my life so I am unable to track stock price every day)
Then what to do?
OK, from this part we use fundamental target price of a stock which I describe in chapter 5 ( page 28) of my book.
If you do not buy my book yet then first buy it from here:-
( I am the author of book and not sell my book directly or indirectly recently I find that Amazon charge high price 800-900 for my book so I give you above links where you get it below INR 500 so please remember I am not liable for any mistake from book seller )
If you do not want to buy my book then no problem I quote some line from chapter 5 of my book:-
"Averaged out net revenue per share , book value and base price of a stock then reduce it 10 % this is the fundamental target price of a stock."
So when I publish manali petro recommendation @8.44 on 13.04.2013( read it here;-manli petro) then:-
Net sale per share of manali petro was=33
Base price was=11.71
Book value of march 2013=11.19
So as per above line"Averaged out net revenue per share , book value and base price of a stock then reduce it 10 % this is the fundamental target price of a stock."
average out=55.90/3=18.63
reduce 10% for safety=18.63-1.86=16.77
So 16.77 is the fundamental target price of chandu he achieve this target on 10 Nov 2014 so here is the chandu profit booking details in manali petro:-
Buying date:-15-Apr-13
Price:-8.28 ( read part 2 of this story again to understand why I use price 8.28 instead of 8.44 link for part 2 is " Part 2")
Total investment with brokerage:-5051
Selling date:-10-Nov-14
Selling price;-16.79
Total amount get from selling-brokerage:-10091
Net profit:-10091-5051=5040
Dividends during holding:- Record date 18.07.13 dividend 0.50 per share get dividend INR 302 
 Record date 31.07.14 dividend 0.50 per share get dividend INR 302 total dividend 604
Total gain from selling plus dividend:- 5051+604=5644
Percentage return:-111.74 %
( Manali petro touch 37.20 on 05.08.2015  so if I use this price 37.20 for  profit booking then profit is 349.47% but I use only honest and real examples).

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