Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How to get Data Bank of 4000+ listed companies ( Free) Updated 26 June 2018

Respected Readers,
I am Happy to announce this free gift for my blog readers.
Detail of Gift:- Free data bank of 4000+ listed companies on BSE, in this data bank you get the latest data of CMP, Face Value, Book value, Net sale per share of last year, Year high/low ratio, Shareholding, pledged share, etc., click on picture to see how this data bank look like.

All of these, you get in an excel sheet.

On Demand of my blog followers,  I give data bank of stock in an alphabetical manner.
How to get this databank:- 
 You can download data bank from this link:-

Data Bank of Indian Companies Last Updated 26 June 2018

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Disclaimer: - Please remember I collect all data of this data bank by my own credible source and these data like stock price year high-low net sale etc. subject to change regularly.
 So It is possible some data are not correct or may be modified when you download this sheet so please always confirm data from stock exchange website or company website, No liability is accepted for this purpose.
Mahesh Kaushik 

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